my name is


I am an experienced, ambitious professional with over 20 years working experience in UI/UX, web, mobile, TV application design and development, user-centered design, user accessibility, and project management.

I approach projects with energy, solid communication and adaptability to changes in direction.

I'm a fairly laid-back guy with a passion for building things. Plays nicely with others. Great sense of humor. I live in Colorado, so that gives me the opportnity to get back to nature. I enjoy anything outdoors. Hiking, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, camping, long walks on the beach, kite flying in a lightning storm...you get it.

Well-versed in dad jokes.

I would like to travel more in the upcoming years as it's been a while since I've gone international.

Dislikes: Rude drivers, poor grammar, those who stop in the entrance of a store to check their phone, clowns.